Posted On Saturday, October 22, 2016

Review: Will Downing’s Black Pearls

Will Downing’s latest album Black Pearls.  I apologize.  I downloaded it on its release date.  I tend to do that with a lot of music that I’m anticipating.  It sat dormant on my computer for a while because honestly there was other stuff going on.

Today I listened to it for the first time.  Why didn’t y’all tell me he was actually singing Black Pearls?  Wow.  I put it on shuffle and the first song I heard was a cover of Brenda Russell’s “Get Here.” I was hooked immediately and the rest of my day varied between sitting still, head bobbing, and two stepping.

This album is just an amalgam of songs that I love. Songs that when I turn on the radio and hear them I’m transported to the past and wonder why I ever stopped listening to that certain CD.  These Divas made great music.  They include Angela Winbush, Brenda Russell, and Phyllis Hyman.  Songs on the album:

“Everything I Miss At Home”

“Don’t Ask My Neighbors”

“Your Smile”

“Get Here”

“Street Life”

“Everlasting Love”

“Black Butterfly”

“Nights Over Egypt”

“Meet Me On the Moon”

“Don’t Let It Go To Your Head”

I’m being a bit nostalgic here but it was just wonderful hearing this music performed by one of my favorite artist, Will Downing.  If I could sing, this would be the cover album that I would sing. (Shanachie 2016)