Posted On Monday, April 10, 2017


The first (and only) time I met Avery*Sunshine was at the 2011 Soul Music Summit in Atlanta. She admired my purse.  That was when I knew we were kindred spirits.  But we also sat on the same panel during the summit.  She is such a bright spirit. I went to see her perform at a venue in Atlanta during the summit and fell in love with her music.   I actually demanded that I be released from the hospital in late 2014 so that I could make her concert in Memphis.  Of course I should have stayed in the hospital because I was too sick to go to the concert anyway.  I tell you this because you need to learn Avery*Sunshine and her music.  You will want to be released from the hospital against doctor advice to see her perform. She is a bright and shining musician.  That’s why The SunRoom is such a great name for her latest album.  I’m also elated that she is receiving radio play; that’s something pretty hard to accomplish as an independent artist.

I want you to meet Avery*Sunshine, interviewed by X2thel’s own Drake Colley.