Posted On Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Ceelo Does Justice in “Redbone” Remix

Article By TR Phillips

Why? Why would anyone have the temerity to go near what has become arguably the most iconic neo-soul groove since Jill Scott took us on “A Long Walk.” What kind of self-assurance does it take to make any artist on God’s green earth listen to the ubiquitous winter jam “Redbone” and think: this needs me – on a remix. Ceelo Green is “that guy”. After the instantly familiar intro, his distinctive tenor cuts into the lush languid groove and you instantly understand the answer. ‘Cuz he can.

Ceelo’s vibrato flutters over the crisp snare and falls into the pocket of the melody like it was birthed for it. Post chorus Ceelo torches the track with a rapid-fire burst of syncopated funk; and like that it’s over. Mr. Glover’s vision does not outreach his ability to make lightning strike twice in the same spot. This remix is a testament to the audacity of dope. Color me grateful.