Posted On Tuesday, July 21, 2015

CD Review: Maysa – Back 2 Love

This Baltimore-born singer’s 11th solo release might be one of her best in years. It is a passionate, swinging album with a collection of pristine tunes from start to finish that also reveal her ability to tackle topics that most singers probably wouldn’t. Let’s begin with “Go Away Little Boy,” a slow-tempo tune in which an older woman (do we still use ‘cougar’ these days?) finds herself involved with a much younger man for what seemed to be a one-night stand and then finds herself deeply involved, begging him to leave because she is unable to walk away from the affair on her own. Another is “Heavenly Voices,” a beautiful ballad on believing in a power above in spite of all the wrongs in this world.

Another favorite of mine is “Last Chance for Love,” a duet with Phil Perry in which two people who seemingly failed at every turn in romance find each other and admit that they must not lose this opportunity to be together, for better or worse.  “The Radio Played Our Song” speaks of an exasperated woman who drives as far as she can from a bad lover only to listen to a song on the radio and somehow remember the good times – though she is not turning back. The only unnecessary track is the remix of the title track  – let DJs do the job, the original tune as it is in the opening is fine on its own.


Listen to “Go Away Little Boy”