Protective Hair Styling

A Conversation With Yvonne Harris Interviewed by Angela Lester Summer is almost over.  As a person with natural hair, I’ve decided to investigate the possibility of using a protective hairstyle during the fall and winter months.  I sat down and spoke with Yvonne Harris, owner of Infinite Hair Company. Tell me about yourself and your […]

Electronics Need To Be Recycled

(Originally published November 2006, updated April 2009) Go to any garbage dump and you’re likely to see computer monitors, printers, stereos, TVs etc. popping up everywhere. Not only do these products take up landfill space, electronic circuit board components and casings contain all sorts of environmentally hazardous materials. Increasingly and sadly, items being dumped aren’t […]

Urban Trees Saving Lives

Originally posted July 21st, 2013 It’s estimated trees save an average of eight lives every year in New York City; just through their impact on reducing concentrations of fine particulate pollution. A recent U.S. Forest Service and Davey Institute study found urban trees and forests are removing tons of fine particulate pollution in cities. Fine […]

Unlocking Your Locs

By Ingrid Ellis When I appeared with my large twist out fro after having worn locs for 20 years it was quite a shock to my friends.   They were not so much shocked by the fact that I no longer had locs it seems, but by the length of my hair.  “What?!  You cut your […]

Considering Boarding School As An Option for Your Child

By Ingrid Ellis If you are a parent, particularly a parent living in an urban area, I’m sure that you will agree that finding the best possible school for your child is one of your most pressing – and stress-filled – concerns.   Finding a school that offers an academically challenging, yet artistically and athletically balanced […]