About Us

NeX2theL is The #1 Source For All Things Neo Soul. NeX2theL is both a website and a record label. At a time when good soul music choices are dwindling, we are growing and expanding. Our first rate team of content writers, musicians, producers and digital platform specialists are passionate about providing an oasis for listeners and artists that love beats that make sense and look to enjoy and enrich their lives.

NeX2theL is also known as Neo Soul for the Web because we provide visitors and members the complete Neo Soul experience. We enrich the lives of our audience (i) with the best Neo Soul music and related content from artists on the rise and those that continue to leave their mark on music history and (ii) with first rate lifestyle content, including Abundant Living leisure content, Green Living environmental content and Healthful Living health and medical content.

NeX2theL brings the quality, passion and energy of Neo Soul to life in an online experience and community committed to giving Neo Soul music, “Neo Soul life” and Neo Soul lovers the spotlight and attention they deserve.